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Our Overseeding Services

Achieve a lush, green lawn with the help of BAM’S Landscaping.

Lawn Overseeding Services in Kensington, MD

Overseeding fills in bare places and improves the overall density of your current lawn when applied to the entire yard. Overseeding is best done in the spring or fall since the seed has time to establish itself in the soil and is not affected by foot traffic, drought, or pests.

Our grass overseeding services in the fall and spring complement our lawn aeration services. Lawn aeration and overseeding complement each other nicely because the holes created by aeration offer the seed with an ideal location to sprout and thrive.

If your lawn has bare spots or thin patches, you can rely on BAM’S Landscaping for lawn seeding and overseeding services to repair your turf. When combined with our other lawn management services, our seeding and overseeding services provide a comprehensive approach to lawn care.

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Lawn Overseeding Process

The optimal time to overseed your grass is determined on your location. The optimal period to overseed in milder northern regions is late summer to early fall. The soil is warm enough to permit germination in the fall, but the temperatures aren’t too cold for the vulnerable new grass to develop before winter arrives.

The soil moisture required for germination is also more favorable. If not completed in the fall, do so as soon as possible to give seedlings enough time to establish before the summer heat arrives.

Whether you hire professionals to overseed your lawn or you attempt to do it yourself, you first need to prepare your lawn. To prepare your lawn for overseeding, cut the grass short and check for thatch with the lowest setting on your mower. If your lawn is too dense, it is preferable to aerate it before overseeding, or if you are filling in patches, remove the thatch and dead grass before distributing seed in bare sections of your lawn.

Next, you need to pick and spread the right seed for your lawn. When selecting seed, make sure to choose the right seed for your region of the country as well as the conditions of your yard, and follow the package directions on your chosen grass seed. Use a seed spreader to speed up the process and ensure that the seed is evenly distributed.

Finally, you need to properly water and maintain your lawn after overseeding. Water the seeds into your grass immediately after scattering them, and continue to water every day until the seeds germinate, which can take up to two weeks.

Hiring a professional lawn care company to complete the overseeding process for you can be worth the investment as these experts will walk you through the process and ensure your lawn is properly maintained after overseeding. Call BAM’S Landscaping today to receive the best lawn overseeding services in Kensington, MD.

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Signs Your Lawn Needs Overseeding

Many people in and around Kensington, MD are feeling the effects of this summer’s heat. Their soil is being compacted, their grass is wilting, and their lawns aren’t as lush as they were in the spring.

If you notice this in your yard, your grass may require aeration and overseeding to be revitalized. The greatest time to take this critical step in regular lawn care is in the fall, and the pros at BAM’S Landscaping are ready to help! Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

  • Thin, patchy or bare spots
  • Faded or yellowed grass
  • Weeds or invasive species
  • Heavy foot traffic
  • You haven’t overseeded in the last four years
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What is the Best Seed For Overseeding a Lawn?

Consider the type of grass in the lawn before selecting a grass seed for overseeding. Overseeding with the same type is advised if it is growing well. Consider overseeding with a different variety to fix existing problems if the grass is struggling to live, sparse, or overrun with weeds.

Not all grass seed varieties grow well in all settings; some are better adapted to cold temperatures, while others thrive solely in subtropical environments. When selecting grass seed for overseeding, homeowners should consider what grows best in their area. The best grass seed is one that will grow in the environment in which it is put.

BAM’S Landscaping specialists chose items based on brand reputation, seed quality (including the percentage of weed seeds in the mix), and how well each performed in its claimed category or region. We chose seeds that will strengthen and improve existing lawns without requiring frequent irrigation. Drought and disease resistance are at the top of our list of requirements.

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Benefits of Lawn Overseeding Services in Kensington, MD

Many older lawns were established with common turf grasses that are no longer suitable for the needs of today’s homeowner. They are more susceptible to disease and insects, and need more fertilizer and water.

Overseeding newer turfgrass species into an older lawn can help it resist insects, disease, drought, shade, and heavy traffic.

Overseeding pays for itself by lowering the amount of fertilizer, water, and pesticides needed. Most significantly, a redesigned grass stays greener longer and appears thicker and healthier!

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Revitalize Your Lawn with Professional Overseeding Services in Kensington, MD!

Overseeding allows you to fill in parts of your lawn that have been damaged by pests and dogs. A densely developed grass not only looks good and feels good underfoot, but it also lasts.

A healthy grassy landscape can handle more foot traffic while still looking fantastic!

Do you want to enhance the health and look of your lawn? Contact BAM’S Landscaping today for high-quality commercial and residential landscaping services in Kensington, MD.

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