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In the summer and fall months, your lawn gets a lot of use. If you’re starting to notice brown or bare spots or puddles on the ground, these are signs that you need lawn seeding.

Not only does pretty green grass help your landscape design and exterior appearance but it also boosts the value of your home. To help keep your lawn looking lush and green, we’ve rounded up a few red flags to watch for. Let’s jump in and see if it’s time to seed your lawn.

1. Fall Has Come

Fall is the best time to seed a lawn. The cooler weather and less humid air make it easier for seeds to germinate. The soil is also moist and fertile in the fall.

When the weather changes in Maryland, you’ll also have more time to give your new grass a rest. In the summer months, especially, between pets, kids, and outdoor entertaining your yard likely gets a lot of use. As the seasons change and you near fall, this is the time to seed your lawn.

2. Barren Patches Appear

If you notice barren patches in your lawn, it could be a sign that it’s time to seed. Barren patches are areas of dead grass where the roots have died and are not able to absorb nutrients from the soil. They can be caused by over-fertilizing, disease or improper watering, and insects such as grubs.

3. Puddles on The Lawn

You may have noticed that your lawn has been getting wet, even when it hasn’t rained. This can be due to a number of factors. One cause is poor drainage or over-watering or compacted soil. If you notice puddles on the grass after a rainfall or two, it’s time for some grass seeds.

4. Thinning Grass

If you start to notice grass has thinned in areas, seeds are the answer. Thinning grass gives your lawn a bare and unhealthy appearance. This is caused by pets, underwatering, drought, lawn use, and even furniture that has damaged the grass.

5. Thatch in The Lawn

Thatch is a layer of dead grass that builds up on the surface of your lawn. This will kill the lawn under it. While you can remove thatch with a rake, you’ll likely see barren patches underneath. Grass seed will help restore new grass growth and the health of your lawn.

6. Stagnant Grass Growth

If your grass has been growing slowly, or if it has become thin and patchy, it’s a sign that your lawn needs new seed and aeration. Aeration helps to remove compacted soil, which allows water and nutrients to penetrate the root zone of the lawn.

After you aerate your lawn, adding new seeds will help your grass grow again. You’ll see thicker, new growth, and a healthier lawn.

7. You Want to Increase Your Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to improve the look of your lawn, lawn seeding is a great option. Seeding will give your lawn a fresh and vibrant look as it grows, creating an inviting landscape that will make guests want to stay longer.

Lawn seeding is also a budget-friendly landscape update. It is less expensive than replacing sod and it doesn’t need hours of labor digging up existing grass.

Upgrade Your Kensington Lawn with Lawn Seeding Today

If your Kensington, MD lawn is looking bare and brown, it’s time for lawn seeding. BAM’S Landscaping will help restore your grass and give it healthy new growth. Green lawns do wonders for your outdoor living, quality of life, and curb appeal.

To learn more about lawn seeding and landscape services, speak with a professional at BAM’S Landscaping. Fill out the contact form here and let us help create the lawn of your dreams.

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