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Benefits of Fertilization and Weed Control

Does it surprise you that of the 250,000 worldwide plant species, only 3 percent bear the title “weeds”? These plants that we try to eradicate aren’t always inherently bad. They add organic matter and help stabilize the soil.

Humans can eat many weeds and even make wine from them. They also create food and shelter for wildlife.

While this is all true, most lawns don’t benefit from allowing weeds to grow. Thus, it’s key to provide regular fertilization and weed control for lawn maintenance. Having a professional lawn service ensures that you’ll have a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Continue reading to learn about the importance of fertilization and weed control.

Montgomery County, Maryland Pesticide Law

This County Pesticide Law was passed in October 2015. It disallows the use of specific pesticides in designated areas. This includes playgrounds, mulched recreation areas, private lawns, and childcare facilities.

The majority of synthetic pesticides are included in this restriction. It promotes organic or minimum-risk pesticide lawn care practices that avoid using chemicals.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

Did you know that lawns comprise about 2 percent of all American land? Yet, they represent America’s most irrigated crop. They also create large water contamination areas.

The term, “organic lawn care”, describes practices that avoid synthetic pesticides and chemicals. Instead, lawn maintenance uses organic methods including compost and many different kinds of soil amendments. This approach results in strong, healthy, and resilient soils.

Fertilization and Weed Control

While following organic lawn care practices may be the law, it’s also a good choice. You are doing your part to promote a healthier environment.

Organic Lawn Fertilization

There are many benefits of fertilization with organic products. Compost, manure, and wood, charcoal, kelp, and other elements are all used as natural fertilizers. Organic fertilizers slowly release important nutrients into the soil.

These nutrients include potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, microorganisms, as well as CARBON. Beneficial bacteria in the soil break down these nutrients over time. This creates an ongoing bioavailable supply of nutrients for the grass to absorb and use.

As bacteria break down, they release several gases. Examples include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide. These gases aerate the soil and make it healthier.

The neutral to basic pH of manure also supports the growth of microbes. An increased presence of microbes decreases the undesired proliferation of saprophytic fungi.

Soil amendments enhance soil water retention. This helps prevent the loss of minerals due to water run-off.

Synthetic fertilizers can wash away groundwater with rain or over-watering. This chemical-laden water moves to rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans if not properly applied by homeowners or gets applied near drains and such.

Eutrophication of these bodies of water results from excess nutrient richness. Dense plant life overgrowth results. The water’s oxygen becomes depleted causing the animal life to die.

Since soil amendments prevents nutrient and mineral loss, it protects the environment. Using organic soil amendments saves fish, birds, and other wildlife from misaapplications and such.

Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides can cause health problems for people and animals. Organic lawn care doesn’t lead to any harmful effects.

All of this results in the lawn’s immune system becoming stronger to can fight pests and diseases. It also has stronger roots, ground vitality, and improved growth of grass.

Importance of Weed Control Services

Social pressure has long been a motivator for removing weeds from your lawn. Yet, this is not an easy task. They quickly take root and grow prolifically across everything.

This is why weed management is so important for a healthy lawn. The weed battle involves regular mowing to prevent the production of seeds. The lawn needs the right amount of fertilization as well to ensure that you don’t promote weed growth.

While weeds are unattractive, they can also compete for ground space. They use up the nutrients from the soil. Weeds will also attach to your plant’s roots and suck out their nutrients. Weeds can literally choke the life out of your desired plants and grass.

We are all busy and it’s hard to find time to “weed” your yard. Some people believe it’s best to let the weeds grow and then spend one big effort removing them. This logic is actually flawed.

When weeds flourish, they make seeds that spread on the wind. These seeds quickly take root and the cycle repeats exponentially. Thus, waiting creates bigger problems.

Weeds are best kept under control through continuous attention. Quick removal limits the growth of the roots and the undesired plant. Removing them before they make seeds reduces the spread.

Proper weeding saves you money. If you’ve bought plants for your yard recently, you know that this represents a big expense. Weeds can destroy lawns and gardens leading to large replacement costs.

Benefits of Using a Lawn Service

According to a recent study, 79 percent of Americans rated the lawn as a big part of deciding to buy or rent a home. Also, 77 percent of participants said they spend time in their yards at least once a month.

If you’re trying to decide about hiring a lawn service, consider the following advantages. Many people don’t understand how to properly care for their lawn.

Yard work is strenuous, and homeowners may lack the fitness needed. Regular lawn maintenance is time-consuming and many people are too busy.

Hiring a professional can save you money in the long term. They use and maintain their own equipment.

Many companies include the products used in the service price. By keeping your lawn in top shape, you won’t have the expense of replacing dead grass.

Are You Looking for Lawn Care Services in Montgomery County, MD?

If a nice-looking lawn is important to you, then optimal fertilization and weed control is the key. BAM’s Landscaping offers premier lawn care and landscaping in the Montgomery County area. We strive to provide the best customer experience you can find.

Our team works to build a great, long-term relationship with each customer. We use the best products and services and adhere to organic standards. BAM also offers lawn maintenance and commercial snow and ice management.

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