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BAM’S Professional Lawn Mowing Services

BAM’S Landscaping provides the best lawn mowing services so you can have confidence that your lawn is always looking stunning.

Professional Lawn Mowing Services

When it comes to mowing your lawn, it may seem like a simple and easy process that anyone is capable of doing. While this is true, not everyone has the time or resources to regularly mow their lawn, especially if they own a business with a large property. With the help from BAM’S Landscaping, you can rest assured that your lawn will always be in excellent condition with our professional lawn mowing services.

Not only do we have the proper equipment to get the job done efficiently, but we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure your grass is cut correctly in a way that will promote healthy growth all year long. When your grass is getting a bit too long and is unpleasant to look at, you can rely on the experts at BAM’S Landscaping to provide lawn mowing services that produce stunning results.

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A large professional fresh cut yard in Kensington, MD

Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Lawn care consists of a series of basic daily and weekly duties that you can complete on your own or with the assistance of a landscaping professional. The following lawn maintenance tips will keep you at the top of your game between landscaper visits:

  • Mow grass weekly
  • Use a sprinkler in the morning
  • Add fertilizer to your lawn maintenance routine
  • Invest in weed control
  • Train pets to use a small area
  • Get your soil tested
  • Reseed thin areas of the lawn
  • Maintain your mower
a yard is professionally cut. bushes and trees frame the yard behind a short retaining wall.

Common Questions About Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is a precise task that involves tedious techniques many people may not be aware of. That’s why it can be extremely beneficial to educate yourself on the process of lawn mowing. Some common questions about our lawn mowing services at BAM’S Landscaping are as follows:

What Is Included In Your Lawn Mowing Service?

  • At BAM’S Landscaping, our lawn mowing services include lawn mowing, edging, weed-eating, trimming, and grass and small leaf blowing for residential and commercial properties in Kensington, MD.

How Often Do You Mow Lawns?

  • During the growing season, mowing once a week should suffice to keep your lawn healthy. The rest of the time, you can lower the frequency of cutting to every other week as needed. Our team works with you to determine what the best mowing schedule is for you based on your landscape, time of year, and schedule.

What Kind of Lawn Mowing Equipment Do You Use?

  • Lawn mowers with attachments, such as mulchers and side catchers, are essential tools for our lawn mowing services. Depending on the size of the properties you manage, you may require both a walk-behind mower and a riding mower. Whatever your lawn mowing requirements are, you can be confident that we have the necessary equipment.

What Kind of Lawn Mowing Techniques Do You Enforce?

  • To maintain a uniform cut, we keep the mower blades sharp. We also mow while the grass is dry because it is better for the lawn and mower performance. When mowing your lawn, our team maintains a consistent speed for more even lines and follows a specific pattern to ensure that every cut looks clean and there are no distinct lines or streaks on your property.
Professional lawn mower trimming yard in Kensington, MD

Benefits of Professional Lawn Mowing

It can be challenging to determine whether hiring mowing services is worth it or not. There are several articles, viewpoints, and services available that can be confusing.

It never hurts to acquire many quotes and perspectives on what lawn care services can do for you. The following are the top benefits of hiring professional lawn mowing services:

  • Avoid injuries
  • More free time
  • Your lawn is guaranteed professional care
  • You lawn gets consistent care to ensure healthy growth
  • Cost effective
colorful raised flower beds and shrubs shape curvy grass patches in yard

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn with Professional Lawn Mowing Services!

BAM’S Landscaping offers the most reliable lawn mowing services in Kensington, MD. When you call us to schedule your routine lawn mowing appointment, you can have confidence that you made the right choice.

With our professional equipment and expert landscapers, we guarantee to get the job done right the first time, or your money back. Call us today to check one less thing off your to do list this summer.

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    Don’t wait days for responses to simple questions/inquiries!
  • We protect your property
    with our $2,000,000.00 insurance policy.
  • We train each employee.
    All employees go through an extensive training process.
  • We screen our employees.
    Everyone employee goes through a thorough background check.
  • We carry workers comp.
    If an employee is injured on your property, it’s covered.
  • We are licensed specialists.
    Our management and staff are professionals and carry proper licenses.
  • We reinvest back in the community
    by actively participating in Montgomery County volunteer activities.
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