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Ask any homeowner and they’ll tell you the difference a lush green lawn can make to a property’s curb appeal. Who doesn’t want to be the envy of the neighborhood?

Like anything important in life, maintaining a good looking lawn takes a lot of mowing and care. That’s because mowing your lawn regularly is the only way to keep it looking at its best. But what if you’re not interested in a prized lawn but something decent enough? Since people seem to be mowing regularly for aesthetics only, does that mean

You can cut back on the maintenance?

Not so fast. Apart from aesthetics, there are many other benefits of mowing your lawn regularly. Let’s explore the most important ones below.

1. Grass Grows Stronger

The grass in your yard isn’t much different from your hair. It needs regular trimming to let go of weak shoots so stronger ones may rise and thrive. For most grass, three inches is the ideal height to get the best quality. If you can do that, your yard will brim with strong and lively grass for that lush green look.

2. Growth Becomes Even

Here’s a fun fact. Not every seed of grass grows at the same rate. Some grow fast whereas others lag behind them. This is the reason why you’ll see patchy and uneven areas in neglected yards.

By cutting the crass at a uniform height, you can stop the tallest shoots from growing so their shorter counterparts can catch up. Another major benefit is the even distribution and absorption of resources from the sun and water. As a result, your lawn will have an overall improved growth and get even stronger.

3. Mulch Breaks Down

Every time you mow your lawn, you get mulch in the form of short grass clippings dropping on the floor. Instead of picking up and disposing of the mulch, you should let it sit in the soil and turn into a natural fertilizer that is super helpful for the growth of your lawn.

Just like any other fertilizer, mulch can greatly uplift the health of your lawn. That’s why mulching is considered an essential part of growing a gorgeous lawn.

4. Recovery Gets Faster

The longer grass goes without proper trimming, the weaker it gets. So if you haven’t mowed your lawn in a while, odds are your yard will have a hard time recovering from any damage. By cutting off the weak ends, only the fittest will survive. As a result, the next time your yard comes under an attack of pesticides, harsh weather, or any other harmful elements, it will bounce back to health with the right treatment in no time.

5. Pests Are Reduced Greatly

Do you know what bugs, rodents, and any other pests love above all else? An overgrown yard.

The reason is simple. The longer you delay a trimming, the more debris accumulates in your yard. When that happens, pesticides invade your yard to have a feast of a lifetime. The opposite holds just as true. The more regularly you mow your lawn, the fewer uninvited visitors you’ll have to suffer.

To sum it up, regular lawn mowing is not just important but necessary. Without it, you’ll never have the lawn of your dreams. But what if you’re not ready to make such a huge commitment? What if you don’t want to spend your mornings cutting lots and lots of grass?

Fear not. We’re here to help. At BAM’s landscaping, we love growing and maintaining lawns that are absolute stunners. It’s all a part of our plan to make your neighbors jealous and eventually have us do their yard too.

So hurry up and request a free landscape estimate from us now. That’s the only way you can be the first to have a stunning lawn in your block. With our 100% no-risk guarantee, you’ll be glad that you did.

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