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Let’s face it. Everyone wants a stunning lawn that becomes the envy of the neighborhood. But hiring a company that can turn your lawn into a stunner is far from easy.

If you’re considering hiring a professional lawn mowing service in Kensington MD, you need to ask the right questions to make sure you’ll hire the right company. These questions are the key to telling a brilliant lawn mowing company from a mediocre one. With no delay, let’s explore the four most essential questions.

1. What Is Your Process?

You need to know whether your lawn mowing company is run by professionals who know how to plan or amateurs who dive headfirst and hope for the best.

A reliable company should be able to list every step of their process without hesitation. That’s the first thing you need to look for.

Furthermore, ask how flexible their process is. Some companies, typically national franchises, use a rigid process for everyone. But as your yard and your goals are unique, you need a tailored plan that fits your needs. In short, make sure they have a process and they’re willing to switch things up to get the best results for you.

2. Do You Provide Other Services?

This is something many homeowners fail to consider. Even if you’re just looking for someone who can mow your lawn, your requirements may change with time.

For instance, you might find that your soil needs treatment, hedges need trimming, or weeds need patching. At that time, what would you rather do? Find a new service provider or call your trusted landscaper to take care of those as well? Exactly!

Hiring a company that offers a variety of services is the key to smooth and pain-free lawn growth.

3. How Qualified Are Your Employees?

You don’t want someone who’s just good with a mower. You need a professional who knows how to give your lawn the shine it needs in the safest way possible.

That’s why you should always ask for the person who will mow your lawn and how qualified they are. See if they’re registered with relevant authorities. You should never work with unlicensed mowers.

4. What Steps Have You Taken to Protect My Property?

Accidents happen. Things get broken. People get hurt. It’s an unfortunate part of any job. But what matters is the level of protection your lawn mowing company offers you.

A professional service will always have property insurance to cover any damages and workers compensation to keep you safe from any liabilities.

Peace of mind is perhaps the biggest benefit of working with true professionals.

If you’re looking for a professional lawn mowing service in Kensington, your search ends now. At BAM’s Landscaping, we offer tailored programs for the specific needs of our customers. Anything your lawn needs, we have it.

All our workers are highly trained and certified in professional landscaping and horticulture. We’ve also secured a property insurance policy of $2 million along with a workers compensation so you’ll never have to worry about damages or accidents.

To get a FREE No-Obligations Quote, fill out this quick and easy form. Our team of experts would be delighted to evaluate your property and create the best solution for you.

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