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The role of getters can often go unnoticed by homeowners. Gutters are a line of defense for your home, keeping away water that can do damage to your roof or interior if left to sit.

That is one of the many reasons why homeowners should regularly clean and maintain gutters. Blocked gutters mean the water isn’t removed as easily, leading to issues in and outside the home, such as roof leaks and damage.

So, what is the best time to clean gutters? You might be surprised at the answer.

Best Time to Clean Gutters During the Year

The best time to clean gutters is in the fall, after the majority of leaves have fallen off the trees. You want to remove any leaves and debris in the gutter before the winter or the first snow.

Cleaning out your gutters is often part of the winterizing process for your home. It’s also a good idea to clean your gutters in the spring before the increase of rain during the season.

How Often Should You Get Gutters Cleaned?

You should clean your gutters at least twice a year at the minimum, particularly in the spring and fall. Having your gutters regularly cleaned every three months is a good practice.

The frequency that your gutters need to be cleaned can change from home to home. If your yard has a lot of trees or you have tall trees over your home, it’s likely that leaves and debris will accumulate quickly.

Areas that receive more precipitation should be cleaned more often in order to prevent clogs.

Importance of Gutter Cleaning

If you’re not cleaning out your gutters, you risk damage to your home. Blocked gutters can lead to leaks in your roof and behind your exterior siding. The excess moisture can cause mold and mildew growth on your roof.

Gutters blocked with rotting leaves can attract insects as they act like a food source. This can lead to pests in your home, such as cockroach infestations.

Signs Your Gutters Need to be Cleaned

There are signs that gutters need cleaning that homeowners can be on the lookout for. One of the biggest signs is water or leaks inside your home. Similarly, leaky gutters are also an indication the drains might be blocked.

Water pooling in your driveway or in the grass may also be an indication of drainage issues.

Gutter Maintenance Makes a Difference

Gutters do the important job of removing rainwater away from your home. Without it, water can sit, leading to roof damage, leaks inside your home, and a myriad of other issues.

Following a regular schedule for gutter maintenance ensures that the drains aren’t clogged and can do their job well. Regular maintenance is important. However, cleaning gutters in the fall ensures fewer issues during the winter.

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