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Snow and Ice Removal Services

Montgomery County gets an average of 21 inches of snow per year. While this is below the national average, it’s still enough to impact commercial properties if it’s not cleared.  This also does not include numerous ice events (mixed precip, freezing rain, etc.)

Snowfall that’s left unattended affects customer access and can cause costly property damage by cracking paving, tarmac, and sidewalks.

Dealing with snow on your own as a business is a hefty, and expensive, chore. Fortunately, there is an easy way to ensure proper winter maintenance for your commercial property.

Enter professional snow and ice removal.

There are several benefits to engaging snow and ice removal services if you own, rent, or run a commercial property. Read on to find out what these are and make an informed decision as to whether you need to contract with a snow removal service.

Enhanced Safety for Staff and Customers

One of the primary benefits of snow and ice removal services is they ensure maximum safety for your staff and customers.

Although snowfall can turn town into a winter wonderland, once it hardens, it also creates a surefire recipe for slips and falls.

If you engage snow and ice removal services, they will take care of the exterior areas of your commercial property and reduce the danger of slips and falls.

Now only will they remove snow before it has a chance to harden, but they will also treat high traffic areas with salt to guard against ice formation. Good snow removal services continually monitor the weather to ensure they keep your property ice- and snow-free at all times.

Reduced Liability Risk for Slip and Fall Accidents

Snow and ice removal services not only keep you, your customers, and your employees safe from slips and falls—they also keep you safe from legal action.

According to statistics, slips and falls is the leading cause of non-fatal injury across almost all age groups. Slips and falls increase dramatically in winter, thanks to slick surfaces, and the fact that most people are rushing from cold outside areas to warm buildings or back into their vehicles.

If a customer slips and falls in your parking lot, you may well end up facing a hefty claim. Hiring snow and ice removal services reduces the chance of this.

Professional Salt Application

Did you know that applying too much salt can damage asphalt surfaces? Besides this, overapplication of salt can also harm vehicles, disrupt groundwater sources, and render surrounding soil overly saline.

We mentioned above that snow and ice removal services will treat the exterior areas of your commercial property with salt. Besides relieving you of this job, they will also do it more safely.

There is no standard amount for salt application. The right amount depends on a number of factors, such as dew points and asphalt temperatures. Professional snow and ice removal services have equipment they can finely calibrate based on readings taken from your property.

These readings will indicate how much salt needs to be used, and their calibrated machinery will be able to apply just the right amount.

Better Snow Preparedness

Another valuable advantage of snow and ice removal services is they make it their job to continually monitor the weather conditions. Through weather tracking and ongoing updates, a snow and ice removal company will ensure that your property has the best snow preparedness possible.

They will make sure they are near at hand when you need them, they will keep you informed on weather that’s on the way, and what measures to start taking.

Commercial Properties Can Remain Open No Matter the Weather

Have you ever had to shut your business’s doors because of snow and ice? If so, then you know how much revenue this can cost you.

Although this is unavoidable in some cases, here in Montgomery County, businesses can stay open most days in winter, providing they have a comprehensive snow and ice removal plan in place. If you hire a snow and ice removal service, you’ll be assured of more open days of business.

DIY Snow and Ice Removal Is Expensive

Another reason why many businesses choose to hire snow and ice removal services is that doing it yourself is pretty expensive.

To start off with, you will need to buy snow shovels, salt, picks, and more. When the snow falls, you’ll also need to hire staff to clear it. All these costs rack up, and you’ll still need to be in charge of managing the snow removal.

Safer Snow Removal

Besides saving you money, snow and ice removal services can also save you in repairs.

A good snow and ice removal service will evaluate your property before winter hits. They will take detailed notes of obstructions that may be invisible when covered by a blanket of snow. These include things like hydrants, ramps, curbs, etc.

When they come to clear snow away, they’ll have exact info on where these elements are, thereby avoiding accidental damage. With DIY snow removal, you won’t have this. Instead, a hired snow removal hand could hit a hydrant at any point, causing more disruption and expense.

Do You Need Snow and Ice Removal Services?

Snow and ice removal is an important part of running a business if you live in an area like Montgomery Country. Doing it yourself is costly and less reliable.

Are you wondering where you can hire a snow and ice removal service? If yes, Bam’s Landscaping offers premium snow removal services.

We understand that you need immediate intervention to keep your business running when snow is falling thick and fast. That’s why we monitor the weather and track our vehicles via GPS. As soon as you need us, we’ll make sure we’re only a few blocks away.

Besides this, we are also available 24/7 during snow season.

Want to learn more about Bam’s snow and ice removal services? Call us today.

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