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Snow and Ice Management Service Vs. DIY Shoveling   

Snow and Ice Management Service Vs DIY Shoveling

Winter is here!!

Whether we like it or not, the cold winds have started blowing, the days are becoming shorter, and temperatures are dropping. Snow and ice are integral parts of winter. They turn the city into a winter wonderland, but at the same time, increase the hassles of the property managers and business owners.

Snow removal is the most crucial part of property maintenance in winters. Depending on the size of the property, snow plowing and De-icing can be a huge undertaking. Property managers, business owners, and residential property owners can either decide to take on the mother nature on their own, or they can seek professional help by contracting a Snow and Ice Management service. Before you decide on either of the two options, here are the pros and cons of both. 

Do-It-Yourself Shoveling

DIY is the it “thing” these days.  You will probably find thousands of tips, tricks, and solutions to tackling snow removal on your own.  Doing it yourself does have its charms and benefits, but the approach can hurt your business.

The following points should be considered before deciding on professional snow and ice management services:

Convenience and Timeliness

DIY Shoveling can be done at the drop of a hat and thus is convenient for small property managers and independent residence owners. But the convenience factor lasts only for light snowfall. In case of heavy snowfall or a snowstorm, professional snow plowing is the only solution. Additionally, in case of a large property or a large business premises, DIY shoveling will increase the Slip and Fall liability because plowing the snow from the entire property is time-consuming, and customers will not wait for you to complete the plowing and removal of snow.

Hiring a professional snow and ice management service will enable the property manager or the business owner to use their time efficiently and concentrate on their business.


Cost is the main factor when deciding to go DIY or hiring a snow management service. Snow plowing and removal on your own may sound cheaper, but in the long run, this route can prove expensive. Snow removal is a time-consuming process that may require many reiterations. As a business owner or the property manager, if you decide to remove snow on your own, you may end up wasting your productive time here. This will lead to loss of revenue.

Additionally, snow plowing and removal requires specialized equipment and technical know-how. You will have neither of these, and acquiring the equipment is an expensive decision. Thus, to benefit from economies of scale and expertise, hiring a professional snow and ice management service is advisable.

Hiring a Professional Snow and Ice Management Service

If you want to focus on what you do best – running your business – then outsourcing your snow plowing needs to a professional may seem like an attractive alternative to doing it yourself.

Time Saving

Snow plowing and removal isn’t as easy as it looks. It is time-consuming and requires specialized equipment and expertise. Contracting snow plowing to a professional snow and ice management company will save you the time and the hard work spent on manually plowing the snow on your own.

Reduced Liability and Safety

Snow and Ice related injuries are pretty common during winters. These injuries will increase many folds if snow removal isn’t done efficiently and on time. The financial stress and hassle arising from a slip and fall lawsuit can seriously damage the business and harm the property manager’s reputation. Hiring a professional snow removal service will mitigate your risk and take the pressure off you.

Ease in budgeting expenses

DIY plowing may save you a few dollars initially, but in the long run, it will prove expensive. Contracting a professional service will free up your time and will also give you the exact amount of expense you will incur during the particular winter season. For a business owner or a property manager, this will make budgeting easy. For further ease and clarity, you may want to negotiate the contract in terms of paying per push or a flat fixed rate for the entire season. This clause may make all the difference while hiring a professional snow and ice management service.

Whether you decide to hire a service or to do it yourself, you should first consider the pros and cons of both before coming to a decision. To know what would work the best for you and to get an expert opinion, call us on  240-447-5921. We at BAM’s Landscaping provide the full range of snow removal services.

So, don’t let this winter catch you unaware. Our team will evaluate your property and give you the best solution for your professional snow removal needs for this upcoming winter season. You can decide on DIY or Professional help after you have all the information.

BAM’S LLC. is a member of SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association) and provides yearly training on safety and salt usage best practices each winter season.

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