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OFF-Season Landscape Services

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Colder Weather Landscape Services

pressure washing


Check out a few of our pictures of our last basic pressure washing services for a walkway and deck.  We also provide pre-washing and deck sealant applications if requested.  This is a great service to get that slippery ugly dark grime off the surfaces before the winter.  This is also a great service for cleaning the siding of your home of mold/mildew and prevent any further damage to your property.  CALL US TODAY TO RESERVE A SPOT!


Gutter Cleanouts


gutter cleaning




If your gutters look like the above picture – CALL US RIGHT AWAY!  During the colder temps, the weight of the frozen water saturated in this mess can add enough weight to tear down a weak gutter.  Not to mention a ton of drainage issues you will get next to your home’s foundation.  Don’t hurt yourself on a ladder, let us help you out!






Thinning & Pruning

Anything under 15′ we got your covered.  Coolers temperatures ensure that the wounds on pruned flowers, shrubs, and trees seal quickly.  This limits the tree or shrubs exposure to diseases and other elements that may stress the plant including insects which are usually active during the warmer months.

tree pruning







Under Deck Solutions

We make those tough-to-reach eye-sore areas of your property functional and aesthetically pleasing again!  Under large decks and overhangs can turn into muddy clay messes with improper grading and water flow.  We also have seen an assortment of soil dwelling pests who love to hang out in these often warmer (next to the house) and dryer (under the deck) areas.

landscape installation

Winter Rose Pruning

No better time than ‘hot cocoa’ time than to get out there with numb fingers and prune those roses.  They will come back fully with better blooms if properly done and our clients with a winter rose pruning visit also get a free property inspection from the tech. while they are there.

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