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The simplicity of lawn care is deceptive. Once you scratch past the surface, there’s a lot more involved than most people think. From balancing the soil to choosing the right grass to all the small but essential steps a lush green lawn requires, the list goes on.

Of course, you know that and you’re ready to hand it all off to a professional lawn mowing service. But with so many companies serving your area, how can you choose the right one?

From asking the right questions to watching out for some red flags, there’s a lot you can do to pick the perfect service. One of the best ways, however, is by choosing a local lawn mowing service in Kensington MD over a national franchise.

Not sure why? Let’s have a look.

1. Better Communication

Have you ever called a large corporation only to be greeted by a series of automated messages? Or worse, a support rep who responds with nothing but scripts approved by higher-ups?

That’s the reality of communication when working with national franchises. To minimize their liabilities, they’re happy to sacrifice anything — including great customer support.

Small local operations are the opposite. Not only do they offer the fastest response times, but they listen to your questions and provide insightful answers. By working with a local company, you’ll soon get to know each other on a first-name basis and start feeling right at home in no time.

2. Deep Knowledge of Local Lawn Problems

Here’s the thing. The best lawn care strategies in California City aren’t necessarily ideal for Kensington. From the local climate to land property issues, there are many differences.

That’s why working with a local company is ideal. They know the local climate and what’s best for the land in your area. For instance, some localities have acidic soil, which a local lawnmower will know in advance and will fix with lime applications to grow healthy turf. The same goes for the nutrient quality of your soil.

3. Competitive Pricing

National franchises have lots of overheads. They have multiple highly paid positions to keep their ultra-complex processes from falling apart. Big legal teams to protect them from liabilities. Marketing experts to promote their services in each city. The list goes on.

On top of that, most national franchises run on investments from multiple shareholders. So not only do they have a lot of overheads, but they’re also expected to increase profits regularly to satisfy those investors. How do they achieve that? By passing all those costs onto you.

In contrast, the little guys have minimal overheads and take every reasonable step to reduce costs and offer you competitive pricing.

4. Personalized Lawn Programs

There’s no such thing as a perfect lawn care program. Yet most national franchises continue to use the same program and treatment for all their clients. The reason is simple. They have too many customers. So like fast-food chains, they follow a strict process for everyone.

A local company, on the other hand, will assess your property and your individual goals to tailor the ideal lawn program for your unique needs. Plus, most offer a variety of services so you can add anything extra with one call only.

5. Support Local Economy

Let’s face it. Chain businesses kick the profits back to their corporate headquarters. Not just profits, but they also buy in bulk from manufacturers in distant states. In short, they suck resources out of the local economy and spit them elsewhere.

That’s why most experts recommend supporting small businesses. A local mowing company will fuel your local economy by buying everything from the community and creating many jobs in the process.

If you’d like to work with licensed specialists who are as passionate about lawns as you are, then check our basic lawn care services and let our experts take care of everything for you.

We’re 100% locally owned and regular participants of Montgomery County volunteer activities.

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