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Lawn Maintenance vs Turfgrass Management

In 2017, the average amount that a household spends on gardening activities and lawn care rose to $503. It is no wonder that the forecasted growth of the United States landscaping market is at 4.5%.

Are you also among those looking for landscaping services? Don’t know whether you need lawn maintaining or turfgrass maintenance?

Then this article is for you. Keep reading to find out the difference between lawn maintenance and turfgrass maintenance.

What is Lawn Maintenance?

The grass in residential landscapes is what we call “lawn.” Lawn maintenance refers to the process of cleaning and manicuring your outdoor property.

Lawn maintenance requires you to water the lawn, mow it and aerate. You also need to fertilize and keep the lawn free of weeds and pests. You also have to follow a lawn maintenance schedule to ensure that your lawn is healthy and vibrant.

Benefits of Getting a Lawn Maintenance Service

There are eight major components to lawn maintenance. It’s a lot of hard work compared to getting lawn Maintenance. Here are some of the benefits of getting a lawn maintenance service in Bam’s Landscaping.

It Saves You Valuable Time

Maintaining your lawn includes regular watering and mowing of the area. You also have to fertilize the lawn on time and control weeds and pest growth. This process takes up a lot of your time and has a schedule to follow.

When you get a lawn maintenance service, you won’t have to squish lawn care into your schedule. Landscaping experts will tend to your lawn and ensure it’s lush and green.

Hiring professional lawn care maintenance from Bam’s Landscaping will free you from a busy schedule. Instead of spending hours tending your lawn, you can relax and enjoy some time to yourself.

Quality Work

Another advantage of getting a lawn maintenance service from professionals is that you’ll work with experts. The employees have a deep understanding of irrigation, soil, and grass types. They are also trained in best practices in lawn care.

The employees know the best methods to enhance your lawn. They’ll also know how to resolve pest issues. Equipped with the best gardening equipment, you can be certain that they’ll do a good job.

They Go Beyond to Maintain Your Lawn

Hiring a professional lawn maintenance company will give you access to more landscaping services. These services include seasonal lawn cleanup, pruning, and mulching. You can also avail of weeding, sodding and other gardening services.

Benefits of Turfgrass

You can see turfgrass on recreational parks, athletic fields, golf courses, and some residential areas. Turfgrass refers to the type of grass that grows thick compared to other grass types.

Turfgrass Reduces Runoff

Did you know that turf grasses can slow down the speed of flowing water? This allows the soil to absorb more of the water.

This means, there would only be a few water runoffs when you water the turf grasses. This also means that there would be less runoff water to carry off the soil.

The turf also has a fibrous root system that allows it to hold the soil together. This prevents the rain and wind from carrying it off.

Turfgrass Replenishes Air

As it happens, airborne allergens and specks of dust get trapped by turfgrass. It also prevents the growth of weeds which in turn will reduce pollen production. This means that you’ll be inhaling fresh air instead of pollen-filled air.

Other benefits of turfgrass include:

  • Dust and mud control
  • Helps protect environment
  • Helps in fire prevention
  • It reduces sun glare
  • It helps with stabilizing slopes lope
  • Helps with heat reduction
  • Reduces noise
  • Helps in the protection of underground utility services
  • Help reduce greenhouse gasses
  • Turfgrass is soft
  • Turs are safe surfaces for recreation activities
  • Turfs are low cost
  • Improves the beauty of the premise
  • Turfs help increase your property value

These make turfgrass much more tempting of an option, but it does come with a cost. Turf and turfgrass management stands to be the main hurdle with this option.

Turfgrass Management

Turfgrass management refers to how experts maintain turfgrass surfaces. The service includes trimming, pest control, and other general maintenance for turf.

Getting a turf and turf grass management service is vital in keeping a beautiful green turf. This in turn will improve the appearance of your property. Let’s discuss the other benefits of getting a turfgrass management service in the section below.

Benefits of Getting Turfgrass Management Service

To keep your turfgrass healthy, you must maintain them to help curb the beauty of your property. When you hire opt to get a turfgrass management service, you’ll be saving yourself time. Instead of maintaining the turfs yourself, experts will do it for you.

As you use experts, you can be sure that their work is top-quality. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of the maintenance schedule as that’s part of their services too.

What Should You Get?

Having learned the difference between turfgrass and lawn maintenance, what do you need? The general rule is to choose according to the type of grass.

Bentgrass, Ryegrass, Tall and Fine Fescue are types of turfgrass species. Kentucky Bluegrass, Bermuda grass, and hybrid Bermuda grass are also turf grasses. If your property has these, then you need turfgrass maintenance.

You should opt for Turf maintenance for properties like sports areas and business establishments. Recreational parks also and even airports need turfgrass maintenance. If you’re looking to maintain your residential outdoor property, then opt for lawn maintenance.

Lawn Maintenance Company in Montgomery County

Giving your lawn a new look is only half of the job. You need to maintain your lawn to give the new get-up justice.

Do you live in the Montgomery Country area and don’t know where to get a lawn maintenance service? We got your back. Bam’s Landscaping has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the area.

Get top-quality work by expert employees with experience and training in landscape services. What’s more. they have a $2 million worth of insurance policy that protects your property.

Hire a Lawn Care Professional Today

Lawn care allows your property to look the best it can be. Learn the difference between lawn and turfgrass management to know what you need for your property. Get the right service and see how beautiful your lawn can be today!

Looking to hire a professional in lawn maintenance? Contact us now and get access to top-quality services this instant. Let our professionals handle your landscaping needs today!

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