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When you step outside your house, the first thing you want to see is a yard full of lush foliage and colorful blooms, right?

For you, it will be the perfect spot to relax. For your kids and pets, it will be the perfect play area to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise.

We bet you know what a stunning yard looks like. But what you may not know is that some flowers you plan to plant and tools you intend to keep in your yard may be dangerous for your little ones. Don’t make that mistake. Follow these 5 pro tips by experts to keep the yard safe for your kids and pets.

1. Inspect for Hazards

Inspect your yard for natural hazards before letting your kids go out to play. Hazards could be anything, such as holes, thorns, nests of insects that bite, sandboxes for bugs and animal droppings, and fire ant mounds.

You also need to secure items that could present a danger, such as garden tools, ladders, and chemicals — in a place where kids can’t access them.

2. Inspect for Pest Infestation

Did you know that rodents, spiders, and cockroaches hide out in yards?

Although the most common way to get rid of these biting pests is through pesticides, we recommend trying natural pest control methods first.

Here are the three most effective natural ways to reduce pests in your yard:

  1. Grow a diverse yard because having several types of plants helps prevent pests.
  2. Attract natural predators, such as birds, frogs, and lizards to your garden by leaving a small source of water on it.
  3. Use organic weapons like horticultural oils, garlic, and hot pepper sprays.

Natural pest control methods usually work wonders. But when they don’t, feel free to use pesticides instead.

3. Check for Poisonous Plants and Flowers

Tweens know better than to chew a colorful flower, but your toddler or pet may find a sweet-smelling plant irresistible. Once ingested, many flowers and plants can turn toxic. That’s why you should always check whether a plant you intend to add to your yard is safe for ingestion.

4. Check the Trees

Limb tree branches are accidents hanging in the sky. All it takes is one strong gust of wind and that limb branch will come falling fast on anyone under it.

That doesn’t mean you should go around poking branches to see which one falls. You’ll only tell the weak ones apart once they fall down on you. That’s why we recommend hiring a professional landscaper to get your trees evaluated and dangerous branches removed regularly.

5. Check Your Mulch

You better check what kind of mulch you’re using because certain types contain toxins. Depending on the toxins and chemicals a mulch contains, it can lead to vomiting, seizures, and diarrhea when ingested. So ask the seller if the mulch you’re buying is safe for kids and pets. Keeping your yard safe is no easy job. From dangerous tools to poisonous plants to the threat of branches falling, there are too many precautions to take.

One mistake can lead to a horrible accident. So why not leave the child and pet proofing of your yard to the experts? At BAM’s Landscaping, our team of experts ensures every inch of your yard is perfectly safe for the little ones. Get a landscape estimate by calling us today and thank yourself later. Not having to worry about the safety of your kids and pets in the yard is priceless.

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