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Professional Lawn Service

Most people focus on bathrooms and kitchens when seeking to add value to their home, and for good reason. A kitchen renovation can yield as high as 20 percent return on investment. But if you want to sell your home before the buyers even walk through the door, invest in your yard.

Yard renovations conservatively estimate that a lawn improvement project will yield a 150 percent return on investment. This means if you pour $1,000 into your yard, you’ll yield a $1,500 increase in your home value.

Keep reading to learn about how hiring a professional lawn care service leads to an increased home value.

Lawn Care Services

If you want to see your property value increase, hire a professional lawn care service. The pros know their business. They can evaluate our yard and see immediately what they need to do to bring it to its peak shape. Lawncare services also offer services that most homeowners cannot or generally do not want to do.

1. Aerating

The lawn care pros aerate your lawn by running a device with spikes over your yard. These spikes will poke holes in the soil and allow moisture to penetrate it better as well as air, fertilizer, and organic material. You could certainly attempt to aerate your lawn on your own, but the pros have the tools and the manpower to do it more efficiently.

2. Seeding

Many lawn care companies seed your lawn at no cost, but rather include it in a total package. The pros have the tools that will spread the seed evenly. They also understand how to treat those hard-to-grow areas so that you have grass on your entire lawn.

3. Fertilizer

The professionals understand what fertilizer will work best for your lawn and environment. Every community has different needs. The pros will know if they should use fast-release synthetic, slow-release organic, or slow-release synthetic fertilizer. And like seeding, professional lawn care companies have the tools and skills to apply the fertilizer efficiently.

4. Checking and Maintaining Soil Acidity

Professional lawn maintenance companies understand how soil acidity affects plant growth. Perhaps you’ve had a hard time getting plants, a garden, or just grass to grow in certain areas of your lawn. If the pH is too high or too low, then you need to adjust the acid content of your yard. A professional crew can improve your property value by fixing the soil and coercing plants to grow once again.

5. Weed and Pest Control

Do you know the difference between pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides? Few people do, but professional lawn maintenance companies understand what herbicides and pesticides work best. The pros can also identify the pests that may be secretly destroying your lawn. They can tell the difference between a grub causing lawn death and a mole causing lawn death. Best of all, they know how to manage those pests effectively.

Additionally, lawn care maintenance professionals understand how to care for your lawn in specific seasons. They know when to prepare your lawn for spring and summer and how to protect it in the fall and winter. When your professional or personal life is amping up, you don’t have to worry about taking care of your yard because you have someone else doing the work. Instead, you can focus on life, whether it’s making improvements on the inside of the house to increase its value or just making money with your own work.

Home Improvement Made Easy

You don’t have to rip out carpet or install shiplap to raise your property value. You need only spend the money on a lawn maintenance company to see your property value go up.

You also will reap the benefits of a beautiful lawn while you’re living in your current home. You can look out and see the beautiful lawn and garden. You will be tempted to see what else you can do outside to increase your value. Tread carefully with this thought. Some yard improvements yield higher returns of investment than others. Here are small changes you can make that will automatically improve your property value:

  • Outdoor lighting: Outdoor lighting can create a beautiful impact for little investment cost. Look at solar lights that will recharge during the day and shine bright at night.
  • Trees or shrubs: The right trees and shrubs can frame your home and create a beautiful yard. Stay away from fruit trees as they require more maintenance and attract bugs.
  • Front yard plants: Buyers see your front yard first, so pay special attention to the landscaping in this area. Pick low-cost plants that require little maintenance.

Make sure you keep your yard dry as well. A yard with standing water will attract mosquitos and subsequently bats. No one wants either of those swarming in their yards.

The right yard will look beautiful, provide a perfect surface for a family, and ultimately add value to a home. You want a lawn that will improve the look and feel of your property, add a touch of relaxation appeal, and create a safe area for kids to play. This type of yard will increase the value of your home and have buyers itching to pay more than what you’re asking.

Lawncare and Increasing Home Value

Are you thinking about selling your home? Look into hiring an excellent lawn maintenance company. They will do the work that creates curb appeal and will increase your property value. They can aerate and fertilize not to mention decrease the pest and weed count significantly.

We can help you out. Our company has been serving customers since 2004 when the founder serviced lawns in high school. Since that time, we’ve grown into the premier lawn care and landscaping provider in the Montgomery County region.

We seek to satisfy customers first and foremost by caring well for their lawn. Furthermore, we take pride in the long-term relationships we’ve built and continue to build with our customers.

Contact us for a free quote today. We’d love to take care of your yard.

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