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Reduce Slip and Fall Liabilities

According to statistics, the average cost of a slip and fall accident in the workplace is $20,000. The cost to defend a slip and fall liability claim is $50,000.

These numbers show that whether you have insurance or not, it’s a good idea to do everything you can to prevent the risk of slips and falls around your premises.

Snow and ice can be a big culprit behind slip and fall accidents. As soon as the ground gets slick and icy, the risk of slips and falls increases sharply.

Keeping your commercial property free from snow and ice is a tough task, especially if you don’t have the right equipment and know-how.

Fortunately, you can significantly reduce slip and fall liabilities by hiring a snow and ice company to care for your commercial property.

Are you curious to know how to outsource snow and ice removal and prevent slip and fall accidents? If the answer’s yes, continue reading for a comprehensive guide on how a snow and ice removal company and keep your employees and customers safe from accidents.

The Impact of Slip and Fall Liabilities

While slips and falls may sound like minor things, slip and fall liabilities can be very serious. Data from the CDC shows that slips and falls can be dangerous and costly. Their stats state that one in five slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries such as blows to the head and broken bones.

What’s more, falls are the most common cause of brain injuries, and 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls. In fact, over 800,000 patients are hospitalized each year thanks to a fall injury.

Because of this, if a business is faced with slip and fall liabilities, this can be incredibly costly. In some cases, the liability could even force closure or bankruptcy. In best-case scenarios, you may still lose a significant amount of revenue to defending a slip and fall liability case.

To avoid this, it’s important that you learn how to prevent slip and fall accidents. One of the most impactful ways to reduce slip and fall accidents is to conduct thorough snow management come wintertime. And the easiest way to do this is by hiring a snow and ice removal company.

What Snow and Ice Removal Companies Do

Snow and ice removal companies specialize in keeping commercial properties free from snow. If you hire a snow company, they will begin their services by evaluating your property. During this, they will map out the area and document any obstructions that may be invisible once the snow has fallen. These include things like hydrants, curbs, and ramps.

When they remove snow and ice, this information will prevent them from damaging any unseen objects. Once this is done, the snow and ice company will then work out a salt application program for your property using finely calibrated equipment. To do this, they will take precise measurements of things like dew points and asphalt temperatures.

This is a crucial step, as it determines exactly how much salt they need to apply. Applying too little salt can be ineffective. Applying too much can cause numerous problems. Such as increase rust on vehicles and disrupted groundwater sources.

When winter strikes in earnest, the snow removal company will then carry out thorough weather monitoring. If they are worth their salt, they will keep you notified of upcoming snowfall.

A good snow company will also ensure they are on hand to immediately clear away banked-up snow and any ice that’s forming. This ensures that your business premises stay snow- and ice-free. Which in turn effectively reduces slip and fall liabilities.

How Snow and Ice Removal Companies Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents

If you have a reliable snow and ice removal company on hand, they will make it their job to ensure that your commercial property is safe at all times. Unless there is a blizzard on the go, you can rest easy knowing that snow and ice aren’t building up on your commercial premises.

Prompt snow removal means less moisture on the ground, and it also prevents ice build-up. Snow companies that use advanced weather monitoring technology know exactly when snow is coming. This means they can pre-empt snow build-up and remove it asap.

All of this can go a long way to preventing slip and fall liabilities. If you choose to DIY snow removal on your commercial property, you might not be able to be as thorough. Things like staff shortages and lack of equipment and expertise can prevent you from being able to keep your property free from snow and ice.

Benefits of Hiring a Snow Company

One of the primary benefits of hiring a snow and ice company is reducing slip and fall liabilities. They increase safety levels on your property and ensure that people don’t get injured unnecessarily.

Besides this, they also pose several other benefits. For one, a snow and ice company allows you to manage snowfall without diverting resources and staff from regular operations. You also won’t have to invest in snow removal equipment or supplies.

What’s more, a snow company will also ensure that nothing on your commercial property gets broken, thanks to their diligent mapping process. In contrast, a hired hand might easily hit a fire hydrant by accident while clearing snow.

Lastly, a reliable and professional ice and snow company will also keep you up updated on weather events so that you and your staff can be prepared and at-the-ready.

Reduce Slip and Fall Liabilities With a Professional Snow and Ice Company

If you are wondering how to prevent slip and fall accidents on your commercial property, a snow company is the answer. Hiring a snow and ice company is a sure-fire way to reduce slip and fall liabilities.

Need snow removal services you can count on? Slip and Fall Liabilities 

At Bams Landscaping, we specialize in reliable, professional snow and ice removal that goes above and beyond your expectations. We carry out thorough mapping and analysis of your property to ensure effective salt treatments and safe, damage-free snow removal.

What’s more, we monitor the weather continuously and track our vehicles via GPS to ensure that one of our units is right around the corner as soon as you need us. We are available 24/7 during the snow season to ensure your property stays snow- and ice-free around the clock.

Contact us today to keep your commercial property free of snow and reduce slip and fall liabilities.

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