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spring lawn care

Research shows that 79% of home buyers see a well-maintained lawn as being important. Finding a home with a lawn is also a top priority for most home buyers.

Most lawns go uncared for during the winter months of the year. This means that you have to get ready to start maintaining it again during the early months of spring.

You will need to start preparing your landscape so that it can flourish during the summer. This is very important because things start to grow very quickly once the weather warms up.

Keep reading to find out more about spring lawn care for your home.

Get Started Early

The most important thing about spring lawn care is to start at the right time. Most homeowners lose track of time and end up starting late.

This can be detrimental to your lawn if you have specific plans. For instance, if you want to plant flowers, there are certain timelines you have to follow.

Some flowers do better if they are planted before the last frost is over. However, others need to be planted once the weather has already started to warm up.

You will need to do some research to understand when you need to get started. This includes if you have any plans to plant more grass in your yard.

To do this, you will want to understand how to overseed grass. This is a great way to fill up bear patches and create density without too much work.

Start Dethatching

You will also need to learn how to detach a lawn. This is the process where you remove dead grass and clippings from your lawn.

This is dead grass that may have died over the colder months. Over time, the dead grass and lawn clippings can start to become matted down and reduce grass growth.

This also promotes fungus growth and pests living in your grass. These are things that you do not want as they will impact how healthy your lawn is.

All you will need is a stiff lawn rake that picks up dead grass. Run it over the entirety of your lawn once or twice to remove all of the dead grass and clippings.

Cleanup as Necessary

Your landscape may have sustained some damage during the colder months. If this is the case, you will want to address these issues before starting your spring lawn care.

There may be areas where there are dips or the grass has been torn up. You will want to clean these areas up and replace dirt, and plant grass as necessary.

You should also remove any leaves or branches that may have fallen down over the past few months. Debris on the ground can start to promote pests and growth, stunting plants and grass.

Repair Damage

You should also examine your lawn for any kind of damage. One example of this is high-traffic areas where the soil is very compacted.

This makes it impossible for grassroots to grow and flourish. To fix this, you will need to find out how to aerate your lawn.

This is done using a tool that pulls out cork-sized plots of soil from the ground. This provides areas of space under the ground where roots can start to stretch out.

As this happens and the soil becomes wet, these holes will naturally fill themselves. This is something you may need to do every spring or even a few times a year.

Start Weeding

One job that everybody dreads is having to kill weeds. You will want to understand how to kill weeds in the most efficient way to protect your plants and grass.

It is especially important to remove weeds from your lawn so that they do not spread. Weeds like dandelions quickly spread and can cover an entire lawn in just a year.

You should take preventative measures by using a pre-emergent herbicide. You also need to pull out weeds as you see them to prevent seeds from spreading.

If there are areas of your yard where you know weeds grow, make sure there is no room for them. One gray option is to lay down a cover that they will not be able to grow through.

Add Preventative Measures

You will need to take preventative measures for your spring lawn care. Part of this involves making sure all of your equipment is in functioning order.

Have a lawnmower tuneup and make sure your Weedwhacker is well supplied with string. Look through your gardening tools to make sure you don’t need to replace anything.

This ensures that you will have everything that you need when you need it for your lawn.

Hire a Lawncare Company

Possibly the best way to maintain your lawn is to hire a lawn care company. Most homeowners would agree that caring for their landscape is very time-consuming.

You may also not have the tools that you need or the time to commit. The answer to this is to hire a company that will be able to handle all of this for you.

They will be able to prevent and kill weeds as well as maintain your lawn. This ensures that your landscape is looking beautiful all year long without you having to put in the time.

Spring Lawn Care 101

With spring coming up, spring lawn care is something you should be thinking about. This includes making sure your lawn is ready for warmer weather and has been treated for weeds.

Are you interested in hiring a lawn care company? Contact us today at BAM’s Landscaping to get a free quote.

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