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lawn service companyWe live in a DIY world which means there is a good chance that you might have considered tackling your lawn on your own (even just lawn mowing).  After all, why pay for something that internet videos show can be done quickly on your own?  But here lies the big question, is it always that easy to manicure your lawn to perfection on your own?

DIY videos show lawn mowing to be as easy as running a hot knife through butter.  There are several reasons why DIY lawn care may appeal to you.  But there a lot of essential points that you should consider before taking the leap.

Should I tackle my lawn or hire a lawn care service near me? 

If you are thinking of DIYing your lawn, here are the points you should consider:

 DIY lawn care: Pros


Doing your lawn on your own may seem cost-effective initially but may prove expensive in the long run since a nice lush green lawn takes multiple applications and services throughout different times of the year over the course of the lawn.

Great Exercise:

Getting out in the yard to get some lawn work done is a great exercise. This is the reason why some homeowners prefer to do their lawn work on their own. While it is an excellent way to exercise, it may be just a bit too strenuous during hot days and with heavy equipment.

Taking Pride in Your Work

For some of us, manicuring our yard is a matter of pride. While tackling the yard work on your own is great, the vanity can quickly turn sour if the work doesn’t pan out the way you had expected.

DIY lawn care: Cons

Equipment Investment:

To do it yourself, you will have to invest in basic equipment like a mower and a spreader and will need room to store them. Occasionally, you might also have to pay for equipment rental for specialized services such as aeration. These investments nullify the purpose of saving money by DIY handling your lawn.  Then to get a more manicured look, you will also need power trimmers, edgers, pole pruners, etc.

Mediocre Results:

Despite investing in the necessary equipment, you will still not have access to commercial-grade equipment and products or maybe the difficulty of lugging the proper heavier equipment isn’t worth the backache. You may lack the full arsenal of knowledge and expertise of a professional lawn care service.  Why try and reinvent the wheel?

Time Consuming

Yard work is time-consuming. You might feel like you have plenty of time to tackle your lawn care projects, but the process often proves to more time consuming than people realize. Multiple trips to the store to find the correct products, finding a free day with suitable weather condition teamed with clean-up and storage often proves to be more time consuming then estimated.

Should I hire a lawn service near me? 

If you are considering hiring a lawn mowing service in Kensington MD, you should consider the following points.

Professional Lawn Care: Pros

Better Results:

By hiring a professional lawn care service located near you, you will get better results. They are the experts in the field and use commercial garden equipment. Therefore you will get superior results be it basic lawn mowing services or specialized yearly lawn programs.


When you are grooming your yard on your own, it is easy to neglect the yard work when you are busy or aren’t in the mood to work, or the weather isn’t playing nice. When you hire a lawn mowing and care service, professionals do the work for you on a pre-decided schedule. This will free up a lot of your time, and your yard will always look groomed and lush. You will receive notifications when services are completed and billing is all done automatically for you.

Professional solution for tricky issues:

A lawn care service will have trained professionals who will know how to diagnose and solve problems. This will help you get the problem under control quickly. It is common for DIYs to misdiagnose the issues and spend money on products that will let the problem continue. (BAMS Turf Programs)

Professional Lawn Care: Cons


The one downside that may come to your mind in hiring a lawn care service is the upfront cost (please note there is no upfront costs with BAMS unless install project). It may seem expensive at the onset to pay a professional. But the fact is, doing it yourself may prove to be even more costly if you consider the equipment invest, time consumed, and the expense of mistakes made by you.

Hiring an Ill Matched Lawn Care Service:

Hiring the wrong professional is a drawback. You will not receive the professional benefits discussed if you hire the wrong service. Before hiring a service, you need to screen them thoroughly and identify the one service that would best suit your needs.

As a thumb rule, you should select a service that proactively looks after the lawn and doesn’t wait for problems to arise. A lawn service that works on improving soil health knows what lies underground. This will result in a thriving lush lawn.

BAM landscaping is your answer to finding reliable lawn care and lawn mowing service Kensington MD.  At BAM’s, we employ trained individuals and provide superior care for your yard. Get in touch with us to get your lawn service and landscaping estimate today.

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