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Of homeowners who invest in curb appeal, 75% say they have a greater desire to be home after improving their lawns. Another 59% have an increased sense of enjoyment at home. With lawn aeration, you can improve your lawn to feel that sense of enjoyment yourself!

Not sure if you want to request an aeration lawn service this year? Read on to discover the benefits of aerating a lawn in Kensington, MD first.

Read on to gather the information you need to make an informed choice!

Regulates Thatch

Thatch is a natural layer of organic material between the soil and your lawn’s grass. This layer often includes:

  • Sticks
  • Leaves
  • Dead crass
  • Stems

Usually, microorganisms in the soil consume thatch. Too much build-up could keep water, air, and nutrients from reaching the soil.

You may need to dethatch your lawn if the thatch grows beyond three-quarters of an inch. Before that becomes necessary, consider Kensington aeration lawn services. Aeration will break up the thatch to keep it from overgrowing. 

Prevents Water Build Up

To keep your lawn happy and healthy, you also need to consider property lawn drainage.

If water isn’t absorbed into the ground, it will pool on the lawn’s surface. Pooling water can attract pests and encourage lawn disease. It can also cause runoff.

Aeration can break up the soil to ensure water travels deep toward plant roots.

Loosens Compacted Soil

Extreme weather (rain, snow, drought, etc.), heavy equipment, or frequent traffic can cause soil compaction. Aeration will help the topsoil mix with the nutrient-rich soil underneath.

If the soil is too compacted, nutrients from fertilizer won’t reach the grass’s roots. Aeration will open up a channel to help nutrients travel downward.

Ensuring a balance of nutrients will help roots dig deeper, allowing them to build resilience.

Greater access to soil will also help roots reach deeper into the earth. This allows the roots to encounter water and nutrients. You’ll need to water and fertilize your lawn less frequently, which can save you money. 

Prepare for Winter

Proper lawn aeration and care can prepare your grass for winter dormancy. 

Talk to your lawn care company about pairing fall aeration with fall fertilization. Aerating before fertilizing will help nutrients soak into the soil more effectively. You can protect your grass from summer drought stress and winter frost.

Aeration will stimulate root development and growth. With both aeration and overseeding, you can enhance seed-to-soil contact, leading to a thicker lawn.

The right lawn services will keep your lawn healthy throughout the year. You won’t have to waste time or money on replacing your dead lawn. 

Experience the Benefits of Aerating a Lawn

With winter weather rolling in, investing in your lawn care now could prove essential. Request lawn services to experience the benefits of aerating a lawn yourself. You can maintain your stunning lawn by ensuring nutrients soak in effectively.

Investing in an aeration lawn service now could save you money in the future.

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