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Leaves are coming

Leaves are coming


Did you know that the reds, oranges, and yellows that you see on the trees during the autumn months have always been there?  They have just been hiding behind the green color (chlorophyll) that is prominent during the active growing season.  The leaves changing color is due to the shortening of the daylight and the variety of colors seen can also be attributed to the temperatures and moisture the tree is getting at that time.

A few other fun facts:

1.  They break down on the ground to provide many nutrients and organisms that are very beneficial to the soil.  It is great to use your mower and mulch some of the leaves on your turf and let them decompose.  This saves space at the county dump and improves the soil structure of your lawn/garden.  (If you buy leafgro from the store it’s the same thing).  Just don’t allow too many leaves to sit on the turf because it will essentially suffocate the grass and limit sun and oxygen from reaching the grass.

2.  Evergreens never lose their leaves because they have special leaves that are resistant to cold and moisture loss.  You might see them wilt up a bit during the colder months but they are still actively performing photosynthesis (just much slower).

3.  During the summer months the leaves from the deciduous trees take in more sugars through photosynthesis than they need.  They use this extra energy to survive the winter months when they are naked.

Find out when your county curbside leaf collection will occur HERE:
Leaves are coming
Leaves are coming
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