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November 2017 Newsletter

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November 2017
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Last Call!

As we wrap up the season and put our landscape equipment in storage for the winter (and bring out the snow removal gear) we would like to send one final notice to any procrastinators that there is still time to complete late Fall services (listed below).  Some services will be unavailable but many others are still being offered so check with us if there was anything you may need before the ground is covered with the white stuff.

We strongly recommend that any tree pruning or trimming back of larger shrubs take place in the colder months such as late Fall and early Spring.  If you’d like to have us elevate trees (cutting lower branches) and haul off the debris we would be happy to do so since this is prime time for it…or if your hedges and shrubs need a little haircut we can do that too!
pruning service
Fresh cut limb.  The cold temps help to quickly seal the wound and prevent diseases from entering.
If you have time we would very much appreciate your input whether these services we are thinking of offering in the future would be of any interest to you:

a) Holiday Light Installations
b) Mosquito Control or Mosquito Box Installation


trimming services
Services we are currently performing (Oct-Nov.)
  • Aeration w/ overseeding (finishing up mid-Oct)
  • Turf Fertilizations (Turf program required)
  • Lime Applications (Turf program required)
  • Leaf Clearing Services
  • Gutter Cleanout
  • Fall Pruning & Trimming
  • Fall Mulchings
  • Elevating Small Trees/shrubs (pruning lower limbs)
  • And more!
Don’t WAIT until the ground is frozen to get these services scheduled!

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