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July 2016 Newsletter

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JULY Newsletter – Grub Control
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Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetles

“The adult Japanese beetles appear to be most active when it is hot and muggy. As the weather heated up by the middle of this past week, there were reports of high numbers and heavy activity. Paula Shrewsbury and Nancy Harding, both of the University of Maryland, reported seeing a significant amount of adult Japanese beetles feeding on linden trees in College Park this week. You should expect to continue to see adults feeding on susceptible plants over the next few weeks.”  (Reported by Stanton Gill, MD County Extension Office)

Grub Insects in the lawn

Grub Larvae

The adult grubs will soon (if not already) be laying their eggs in the turf.  It is during this stage that the grub larvae do extensive damage to the root system of the turf and more often than not killing the turf altogether in large areas.  The best way to spot these insects before you see visible turf damage is to use a spade shovel and cut the lawn in a way that you can roll just the top layer of grass back to see the layer of the soil immediately underneath.  You will usually be able to see a grub or two crawling around feeding on this root layer.  Another 
Prevention of the extensive damage caused by these pests can only be done during the larvae stage.  If this isn’t currently apart of your turf program and you would like us to add in the treatment please let us know.
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