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Steps for a Successful Maryland Snow Removal Service

Steps for a Successful Maryland Snow Removal Service

Winter will arrive soon and the snow will create a beautiful blanket around your property. Although it will make for beautiful scenery, there will be some downsides too.

One major problem that comes to mind is that your employees and customers will no longer be able to freely move around your property. At least not without worrying about slipping and falling on hidden patches of ice, which is bad for them and your business.

To avoid that from happening, you should hire a snow removal company in advance. Trust us, the good ones get booked before winter even arrives.

To get the best out of your snow removal service, take the following 5 steps as soon as you can.

1. Communicate All Intricate Details of Your Property

Each property is unique and so are its specific needs. In other words, attention to the tiniest of details is not just important but critical.

So instead of going with a company that offers a one-size-fits-all solution, we recommend choosing one that will discuss all details to ensure you get exactly what you need.

For instance, you may have unique access points, obstacles, or drainage issues that need special attention. These are the intricate details you want to discuss with your contractor.

2. Map Your Property With Your Contractor

Before you sign a contract, take out some time to walk your property with the contractor.

During the walk, highlight all areas of your property like ditches, drainage areas, speed bumps in your parking lot, and anything else that could cause an obstruction for the snow removal crew.

One more thing you should discuss is which areas should be cleared first and which ones can wait.

Once you’re done with the walk, create an accurate map of your property, highlighting every part clearly. Also, put markers in places where any obstacles are present.

3. Decide On a Snow Storage Area

When snow is removed from your property, it has to go somewhere. Most snow removal companies let you decide where the snow should go.

You have two options:

  1. Relocate snow to a part of your property where it won’t cause any problems.
  2. Relocate to an off-site location, so there’s no snow on your property.

Wherever you choose to relocate the snow, discuss it with your contractor to avoid any complications later on.

4. Consider Deicing Options in Advance

When it comes to deicing materials, you have a ton of options. Each one has its own pros and cons. So consult with your contractor before making a decision.

We recommend taking the time to consider your area and how the deicing material can affect the environment and other people around you.

So as a rule of thumb, go with a deicing material that’s not only effective but also environmentally friendly. A professional ice removal company will know what’s best for your location.

Last but not least, you should establish how frequently you want snow removed because doing so will help keep your business open and running smoothly.

Most snow removal companies have a standard threshold like 2 to 3 inches for another trip to your property. However, that may not work for your specific business needs.

That’s why we recommend figuring out the ideal threshold for your business in advance with your snow company.

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